How to use DateInTray


What is DateInTray?

DateInTray is a simple application that resides in your Windows taskbar and displays the date. In addition, DateInTray is capable of displaying a useful calendar window for those times when you need to take a quick look at a calendar.

Installing DateInTray

Double-click on the installer and follow the instructions to install DateInTray.

Uninstalling DateInTray

Go to Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs, select DateInTray in the programs list, and click on the Change/Remove button. Follow the instructions to uninstall DateInTray.

Using DateInTray

Running DateInTray

To start DateInTray, double-click on the DateInTray shortcut, which the installer placed on you desktop and in the start menu location you selected during installation. DateInTray will start, and its icon will appear in your Windows tray in the lower-right.

show date in tray When you aren't interacting with it, DateInTray sits in the taskbar and displays the day of the month.


show entire date The complete date can be seen in a tool tip by letting the mouse cursor hover over the DateInTray icon.


The Popup Calendar

popup calendar The DateInTray popup calendar can be brought up by either left-clicking on the DateInTray icon in the taskbar, or selecting Show Calendar from the popup menu. This is a quick, convenient calendar that you can use as reference tool.

The calendar automatically displays the current month, but you can view other months by using the two arrow buttons at the top. The current date is surrounded by a red box. The calendar will float on top of all other windows until you close it with the red button with the X.


The Popup Menu

popup menu The popup menu can be brought up by right-clicking on the DateInTray icon.

  • Show Calendar - This menu item displays the popup calendar
  • Help - This menu item displays this manual
  • About... - This menu item displays a small dialog displaying information about DateInTray
  • Exit - This menu item shuts down DateInTray, which will no longer appear in the tray



Here are some tips to help you get the most from DateInTray.

Changing the Way Dates are Displayed

If you happen not to like the way DateInTray displays dates in the tool tip or the calendar, you can change that. DateInTray uses the system date format, which you can change by going to Control Panel->Regional and Language Options->Customize->Date Tab. There you'll find a variety of options for changing how the date is displayed. Be aware that this will change the date formatting for all your applications: not just DateInTray.


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